Italy tourism

Italy tourism smiling on Campania Teatro 2021

  1. This year will take place the fourteenth edition of Campania Teatro which will be held from June 12 to July 11.
  2. More than 160 events will be presented for a month of programming in outdoor locations and in complete safety.
  3. Italian citizens and tourists will have the chance to participate in this exciting festival held throughout the Campania region.

Same slogan, new festival

If the slogan is the same, the theater is reborn, because after a year, the real revival of the theater sector still belongs to the category of announcements and good intentions. The new 2021 festival will be the fifth directed by Ruggero Cappuccio and will go down in history for being the one where the Napoli Teatro Festival becomes the Campania Teatro Festival.

It is a way of looking at the future of the event which, from 2022, will increasingly extend its cultural action from Naples to the entire Campania region, making the link and unity between the assets organic landscaping and architecture. It will also specify the concrete commitment of the Campania region to support a multidisciplinary review organized by the Campania Festivals Foundation, chaired by Alessandro Barbano, who knows how to combine national and international culture with the beauty of some of the most evocative and symbolic places from the Campania region.

The region offers a wealth that is enhanced and transmitted not only by the involvement of many important realities of the Italian and foreign theater scene, but also by the attention paid to the talent and professionalism of many productions and companies that have been operating for years in Campania, sometimes with an artistic and social commitment.

More than 1,500 entertainment workers from the region will be part of the Campania Teatro Festival 2021. It is another concrete signal of informal support for those who continue to suffer the harsh economic consequences of a sector that has always been in difficulty and then aggravated by the pandemic. All this in the hope that the Italian State will do its part, as has happened in other European countries, by recognizing rights that are currently still denied.