Italy government

The Italian government coalition facing tensions

According to reports in newspapers Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica and other influential publications, Conte called an alleged comment by Draghi to M5S founder Beppe Grillo suggesting that he be removed from office as serious interference.

During an interview, Domenico De Masi, a sociologist close to Grillo, alluded to such a request, immediately denied by the Italian president from Spain, where he was taking part in a NATO summit, according to the media.

Draghi’s quick return, ostensibly to meet with his cabinet on Thursday to discuss economic issues, was in fact prompted, analysts say, by his concern about problems threatening the coalition that backs his administration.

Some of the parties supporting the Prime Minister’s team are M5S, Forza Italia, League, Democratic Party (PD), Italia Viva, Article One and Together for the Future, which shows a range of political positions, even opposites.

League leader Matteo Salvini spoke on Thursday of the left’s desire to blow up the government, considering unacceptable legislative plans by the PD and M5S to legalize marijuana and naturalize immigrant children who have studied there. country for five years. years.

Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, who recently founded Together for the Future after leaving M5S, said the latest movement and the League clearly threaten the continuity of the Draghi government, with surreal debates and statements.