Italian cuisine

You only thought you had experienced real Italian cuisine | Derby News

There are Italian restaurants that try to present themselves as Italian, and then there’s Italian restaurant Luciano in Mulvane – real Italian. Or should we say delicious food in an atmosphere that defines true Italian cuisine. Mulvane resident Luciano Mottola was born and raised in Viareggio, Italy. He was part of a large family that […]

Italian cuisine

Why is Italian cuisine so irresistible to foreigners?

A cultural explanation of why we foreigners love Italian food Never and nowhere will you find a man who does not like Italian cuisine! Indeed, any form of disagreement stops when pizza, pasta, risotto, bruschetta and pannacotta are brought to the table. What kind of epidemic has taken over the world, causing people to revere […]

Italy government

Italian Government: Populist actors take power

But Conte’s lack of political experience may not matter as he won’t even be the most powerful person in government. His two deputies are the leaders of the two largest parties that emerged from the inconclusive March 4 ballot, and nothing will happen without their say. One of them, the new interior minister, promised during […]