Italy tourism

Sino-Italian tourism cooperation is a win-win situation, says ambassador

Italy and China are outstanding representatives of Eastern and Western civilizations. Italy, with its long history and rich cultural heritage, has long been one of the top destinations for Chinese tourists. There is plenty of room for future cooperation in tourism between the two countries, which is a win-win situation, said Ettore Franceso Sequi, Italian […]

Italy government

Silk Road breaches Italian government – ​​POLITICO

ROME – Italian government divided over whether to sign China’s emblem “One belt, one road” infrastructure program that stretches across Asia to major European shopping centers. Some 13 EU countries have signed on to China’s new Silk Road plan, but Washington and Brussels are deeply concerned that the involvement of G7 heavyweight Rome could lend […]

Italy government

The testy marriage at the center of the Italian government

“The government is not in danger,” he said once again. It’s about the delicate union at the center of Italy’s political landscape, where two very different parties – the far-right League and the politically amorphous Five Star Movement – come together to determine the fate of Europe’s first all-populist government. western. The story continues under […]