Italy tourism

Italy Tourism again a ministry after 60 years

An Italian Ministry of Tourism was created 60 years ago after 24 political changes. Due to COVID-19, the country saw 273 million fewer tourists in 2020. How will the 224 billion euros of the recovery plan be spent? This is what the new Mario Draghi, Italian Prime Minister, has decided. Italy Tourism leaves the Department […]

Italy government

What is the next step for the Italian government?

On January 26, the Italian government – led by then-Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, close to the Five Star Movement – collapsed when its government coalition became untenable. This tenuous coalition included, above all, the left-wing populist movement Five Star and the centre-left Democratic Party (PD). It also included a relatively new party, Italia Viva, which […]

Italy government

Mario Draghi is summoned to form the Italian government

IN SOME COUNTRIES, when politicians are seen as having failed, it’s time for an unsmiling general to go on TV to announce he’s seized power. In Italy, the procedure is more benign: a man in a well-tailored suit, usually with a successful career as a central banker behind him, is called to the presidential palace […]

Italy government

Can the “super” Mario Draghi rebuild the Italian government?

The economist nicknamed “Super Mario” after saving the euro has agreed to form a new unity government tasked with keeping Italy afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. Italian President Sergio Mattarella summoned Mario Draghi for talks today, after the ruling coalition collapsed earlier this month when former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi withdrew support from his Italia […]

Italy government

The Italian government is in crisis in the midst of a pandemic

ROME — Italy’s history of political instability resurfaced on Wednesday in particularly volatile times as a government crisis began amid a pandemic that has devastated the country, raised doubts over the competence of its leaders and intensified political battles. The government, a wobbly coalition of convenience between increasingly unpopular populists and the centre-left establishment, seemed […]

Italian cuisine

Adding a Spike (Crust) to Italian Cuisine – Geothermal Pizzeria in Naples, Italy | Think GeoEnergy

Pizza in Naples, Italy (source: HarshLight.commons wikimedia) With Vesuvius, the world’s most dangerous volcano, threatening the lives of three million people in southern Italy, nearby Naples clearly has some heat down below. As the birthplace of modern pizza, the creation of geothermal pizza clearly adds an edge, or should we say a crust, to Italian […]