Italy tourism

The virtual Italian tourism fair this week: one of the great destinations in the world

The Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT) presented its annual travel industry event Workshop Italia 2021: Active & Leisure this week. Taking place virtually for the first time on March 16 and 17, with an additional day added on Thursday March 18, the workshop offered unprecedented networking and contracting opportunities for Canadian tour operators and travel […]

Italian cuisine

Manhattan’s Kimika restaurant mixes Japanese and Italian cuisine – and design

Terracotta and concrete offset serene Japanese elements throughout the interiors of Manhattan restaurant, Kimika. Local design firm Bespoke Only designed interiors for Nolita restaurant, where chef Christine Lau specializes in Itameshi cuisine. The menu is full of Japanese-Italian dishes such as fried pizzas drizzled with miso with bologna and crispy rice cake lasagna. This rapprochement […]

Italian cuisine

Piccolo Italian Food in Santa Monica and Venice – Santa Monica Daily Press

As outdoor restaurants reopen and local eateries begin the road to recovery, the Daily Press is highlighting one great restaurant a week. This week, the spotlight is on Piccolo: a new neighborhood Italian restaurant focused on homemade pasta and high-quality meat and fish dishes that play with spices, texture and sweet and savory flavors. The […]

Italy government

Italian government outsources economic strategy to private management consultants McKinsey

During its formation last month, the new government of Mario Draghi was presented by almost all the Italian and international media as a rescue operation. Where former European Central Bank (ECB) chief Draghi “saved the euro” in the 2010s, most outlets gushed about “Super Mario» and his project of «save italy“by pouring 209 billion euros […]