Italian cuisine

Sneak peek: Botanica brings stylish ambiance and Southern Italian American cuisine to Wildwood | Food and Beverage News | Saint Louis

Click to enlarge PHUONG BUI Botanica, which opens this Saturday, is an exploration of Southern American and Italian cuisine. When Ryan Sherring stands in the middle of Botanical (2490 Taylor Road, Wildwood; 636 821-1233) dining room, he can’t help but marvel at the transformation. Gone are the mustard yellow walls, red ceiling and dark pub […]

Italian cuisine

Japanese-Italian cuisine finds its biggest stage in New York at Kimika

It’s no exaggeration to call Japanese and Italian cuisine some of New York’s most popular. Since the pandemic, the number of top sushi restaurants and expensive omakase menus, rustic pasta joints and modern Italian steakhouses continues to proliferate. There is one cuisine, however, that is having a unique moment in New York like never before: […]

Italian cuisine

Authentic, centuries-old Italian cuisine made with love

There’s a lot to write about new restaurants in an evolving city, but it’s also a shame to go back to older establishments that have stood the test of time. DOC Gastronomia Italiana has been one of the city’s most beloved Italian restaurants since it opened in 2013. It was one of the first places […]

Italy tourism

SBS language | Green Pass proves to be a boost for Italian tourism. Will Australia follow his lead?

At the start of the pandemic in 2020, Italy suffered badly from the spread of the coronavirus. It has become one of the most affected countries and has had many victims who have fallen due to the virus. But it is interesting to note that during the summer of this year, one of Italy’s most […]

Italian cuisine

Meet the couple bringing authentic Italian cuisine to Gloucestershire

When friends concocted the idea for an authentic Italian delicatessen in Cheltenham, Chris and Michela Windsor grabbed a ‘pizza’ for the action. Now the couple say business hasn’t stopped since setting up My Pastalicious in Cheltenham town center in May. What started as a stall at the Farmer’s Market on the Promenade, is now a […]