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Tourism in Italy could be hit as deadly bacteria afflict millions of olive trees

If you’re planning to visit Italy and are inspired by its beautiful olive orchards, you might be disappointed. Picturesque olive trees in Italy have been infested with a bacteria that is causing their destruction. According to a Bloomberg report, the Italian government ordered the uprooting of 1,150 olive trees in the Piana degli Ulivi Monumentali […]

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Experience regional Italian cuisine at this newly opened restaurant in Dallas’ Arts District

Experience the nostalgia of family recipes and traditions in this Italian restaurant founded by a skillful chef of Italian origin. The highly anticipated Italian restaurant, The Stella Kitchen Verace, opened its doors in the Dallas Art District just a few weeks ago, on March 12, 2022. The beautiful and authentic Italian cuisine served in this […]

Italian cuisine

Restaurant Little Roma: A passion for Italian cuisine made to order

In most Italian families, life revolves around the stove. Sergio Bellofatto’s home cooking was no different. “I grew up in southern Italy. When I was around eight years old, I started watching my grandmother cook,” he said. “I also watched my dad in the kitchen and learned how to make everything from sauces to minestrone. […]

Italian cuisine

Pizzarelli offers Italian cuisine | Comments

After hearing close friends talking about the Pizzarelli restaurant, I decided to go ahead and try it for myself. Pizzarelli is a pizzeria that specializes not only in pizza, but also in many other choices. Going to Pizzarelli, I thought I would have the typical cheese or pepperoni pizza. Upon entering the restaurant, the atmosphere […]

Italian cuisine

Customers stock up on Italian cuisine at new Downers Grove restaurant – Shaw Local

Unsuspecting motorists fill their vehicles within 20 feet of some of Downers Grove’s finest Italian fare. While pumping gas at the Power Mart station at the corner of Belmont and Ogden Avenues, their noses pick up the smell of garlic and they turn around, unable to identify the source. Tucked away in a corner of […]

Italian cuisine

The Italiano a solid choice among Weiden’s limited Italian dining scene

A salami pizza with mushrooms at L’Italiano restaurant in Weiden, Germany, on Feb. 16, 2022. (Immanuel Johnson/Stars and Stripes) The already limited options for Italian cuisine in the German town of Weiden have plummeted even further due to tragedy. On February 12, a customer at La Vita restaurant died after drinking champagne fortified with ecstasy. […]