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Food Review: discover a new facet of Italian cuisine at Cinque – News

The gourmet Italian restaurant specializes in seafood and the creations are inspired by the flavors of the Amalfi Coast

Published: Wed 8 Jun 2022, 11:13 AM

Last update: Wed, Jun 8, 2022, 12:59 PM

When you hear Italian cuisine, you immediately think of pasta and pizza (not with fruit toppings, of course). But when we visited Cinque, an Italian fine dining restaurant at FIVE Palm Jumeirah, we discovered a new side to Italian cuisine with an emphasis on seafood. That said, our visit to Cinque was all about reinventing and Discovery.

First of all, Cinque (pronounced Cheen-Kweh) usually translates to the number five in Italian. The dishes are created by chef Giuseppe Pezzella, a native of the city of Naples. Specializing in seafood, its creations are inspired by the true flavors of Italy’s Amalfi Coast and classic dishes from the country’s culinary culture.

Even before we were able to discover the menu, the atmosphere caught our attention. We spent our evening in a dimly lit place which gave us a warm atmosphere, perfect for a romantic evening. The chic interiors were complemented by a must-have piano in red, placed in the center of the restaurant. That, and a wall showing off one of Italy’s coastlines, makes for the perfect Instagram shot. The venue also overlooks FIVE Palm Jumeirah’s famous social pool, a visual treat during the day.

We started our gastronomic journey without knowing where we were going. Giuseppe de Cinque, however, did not disappoint with his seafood creations. The super-friendly staff got us started with oysters and sea urchins; the two seafood starters are very popular with Italians. Sea urchins are best eaten in a pasta dressing or raw, and we tried the latter. Called Ricci Di Mare on the menu, it was served super chilled and had a delicate flavor. Another interesting cold starter was Insalata Di Gamberi, a shrimp salad filled with lettuce, salted almonds, cucumber, grana, pomelo, spinach, yogurt vinaigrette and the most distinctive element, the watermelon.

The main course was the most outstanding part of our experience at Cinque. Chef Giuseppe pulled out the big guns to prepare and serve us Italian fan favorite pasta Cacio e Pepe. While the most basic version of Cacio e Pepe is stripped down macaroni and cheese, the one we featured Tonnarello, cacio cavallo and summer truffle fondue. It should be noted that truffle essence may seem too strong for novices.

Away from the sea (food) we ventured into land and tried the Filetto Di Manzo. The on-site Australian Wagyu beef tenderloin, commendable for its tenderness and taste, is best accompanied by Pannocchia Arrosto, baby corn roasted in butter and pepper.

The Cinque team do an excellent job of presentation, and this was evident in all the dishes we tried, especially the drinks and desserts. As it is summer, we followed the unwritten rule of having mangoes. It was our choice of fruit for drinks and desserts. Mango E Cioccolato is a white chocolate mousse with a mango flavor, and it’s all a fruit lover could ask for.

This ended our foodie jaunt on a sweet note, and we left Cinque having discovered a new side to Italian cuisine, thanks to chef Giuseppe and his tasteful curations.