Italian cuisine

“Greek food is better than Italian food”

News of Ramsay’s verdict reached Italy where it was not well received.

Gordon Ramsay, the famous British chef, ruffled feathers in Italy by declaring that Greek cuisine is superior to Italian cuisine.

The outspoken chef made the remark on the TV show Gordon, Gino and Fred go Greek, in which he stars alongside London-based Italian chef Gino D’Acampo and French maître d’hôtel Fred Siriex.

The show aired in the UK last week, but Ramsay’s comments began to cause a stir in Italy after an article appeared in Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera on Thursday.

Ramsay voiced his controversial opinion as the show’s three leads sipped champagne on a luxury yacht in Greece.

He prefaced the remark by stating that “Greece never gets the attention that France has, or the Italians” before dropping the bombshell: “Honestly, I think Greek food is better than Italian food.”

D’Acampo is momentarily speechless but manages to say, “You’re not serious…you can’t…you can’t…” before urging Siriex to “Say something!”

Siriex notes that Greece is “a place in the world where people live to be 90, 100, and that’s because of the food and the climate…”

But a furious D’Acampo won’t hear a word. “The Italian diet is one of the most famous diets in the world… (with) people who live very many years.”

Ramsay interrupts and says “They live longer here in Greece”, to which D’Acampo insists that Greek food “can’t be compared” to Italian food.

Ramsay’s opinion was well received in Greece, but his verdict was not well received by Italians on social media.

It’s not the first time the celebrity chef has caused a stir in Italy, having posted a photo of the “most amazing carbonara” on his Twitter page last year.

Italians despised his gloopy creation, calling it “a plate of ‘yellow soup’, a ‘joke’ and even a ‘disgusting mess’.