Italian cuisine

Italian steakhouse, rooftop bar offered in former Victor’s Italian Cuisine property in Saugus

The Board of Selectmen has approved two buildings exceeding the permitted height limit on the former site of Victor’s Italian Cuisine as part of a mixed-use development that would include 74 apartments, an Italian steakhouse and a bar/bistro on the roof.

Council members unanimously supported an application by Maddy’s Place, LLC for a special permit authorizing two buildings exceeding 55 feet in height.

Attorney Richard Magnan told advisers his clients intended to construct a 67ft 8in building and another 66ft building at 1639 Broadway.

Plans for one building call for an Italian steakhouse on the first floor, Magnan said, in addition to 20 one-bedroom apartments on floors two through five and a rooftop bar/bistro that would be open to the public.

Magnan said the other building would have 54 one-bedroom apartments.

It was important that Maddy’s Place, LLC be allowed to exceed the height restriction for structures in the zoning district before moving forward with more detailed architectural plans, Magnan said.

Earlier this month, the Planning Board voted in favor of a final plan of subdivision permit which Magnan says serves to freeze zoning in place for a proposed development at 1639 Broadway.

Magnan said Maddy’s Place, LLC has yet to appear before the Planning Board to present a master plan for the development and to seek site plan approval.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation will also have to approve any plans, Magnan said.

Selectmen chairman Anthony Cogliano said he sees the development as something like Dryft or Cut 21 in Revere Beach, with residential units above and a restaurant below with everything feed each other.

Cogliano credited Michael Touchette, who helped develop Essex Landing and is also involved with the 1639 Broadway project, for doing a great job with Essex Landing. He noted that the Wong family also had an incredible reputation around town, referring to the fact that Bobby Wong was part of Maddy’s Place, LLC.