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Italy’s tourism ministry is finally back, says BMT president

  1. The results of the Mediterranean Tourism Exchange, which was held from June 18 to 20, 2021, were there for exhibitors and mainly for professionals from the public.
  2. The Minister of Tourism commended the President of BMT for spearheading this important initiative.
  3. Minister Garavaglia has promised to present a bill to the government aimed at reducing taxes for tourist associations as well as seasonal tourism workers.

The Minister of Tourism, Massimo Garavaglia, was present at the inauguration of the BMT and congratulated the promoter of the event and President of the BMT, Angel de Negri, for the courage to make this important initiative possible. The minister reassured about the possibility of a slow recovery thanks also to the vaccination plan. It also extended a guarantee on the tax relief for hiring tour operator staff initially for the year 2021 with an extension commitment of up to 3 years.

In response to requests addressed to the Italian Ministry of Tourism for financial support from tourist associations, Garavaglia, having noted the seriousness of the problem, has made a concrete commitment is necessary to extend the tax relief already provided in other professional areas and to this also applies to seasonal tourism workers. He promised to present an amendment to the government and ensure its activation as soon as possible. The intention would be to provide tax relief which will be useful in encouraging more attractive recruitment and salary treatments, “at least competitive with citizenship income”.

Minister Garavaglia added: “Istat [the Italian National Institute of Statistics] expects GDP growth in September to increase by +4.7%, and it is the tourism operators who make the GDP. We in government must help them. We have to open the flows, because it allows us to have customers. Now with the green pass, we have clear rules and in addition to Schengen, USA, Canada, Israel are included. In the meantime, we must begin to extend the tourist season in time and space. Then there is the big recovery bet: 2.4 billion which becomes 5 with the leverage effect.

Comments from associations

Pier Ezhaya, President of ASTOI (The Professional Association of Tour Operators) and Franco Gattinoni of FTO (Federation of Organized Tourism) both indicate the good trend of domestic tourism demand and ask the government to support the trend and promote open tourist corridors to allow customers to travel where they want. They said they can now operate in Italy, Greece and Spain, but this only accounts for 15% of organized tourism turnover, and inbound-outbound activity with overseas markets is needed.

In conclusion, the President of BMT, from Negri, said: “This is not a traditional fair, but a family reunion, which will go down in history. I have great confidence in the Ministry of Tourism. Without it, our sector has no future. The invitation is to believe in a ministry that has finally returned.