Italian cuisine


Luigia, an award-winning Italian restaurant located at Rixos Premium JBR, joins the rest of the world in celebrating the VII edition of Italian Food Week Worldwide, November 14-20.

Italian Food Week Worldwide is an annual initiative developed to promote Italian culinary traditions and food and wine connoisseurs as a distinctive feature of the country’s identity and culture.

To highlight the best of Italian gastronomy, Luigia has created a traditional dish called “Pasta e Fagioli”, with its origins in the countryside, particularly rich in fiber and filling.

“Pasta & Fagioli represents the innovative spirit of Luigia, respectful of the environment and attentive to product quality. It is produced with 100% Italian wheat and high quality Fagioli di Sarconi GPI grains, directly imported from Italy. Whether you are planning a family lunch or a dinner with friends, “Pasta e Fagioli” complements traditional values ​​like conviviality with contemporary values ​​like sustainability and innovation,” explains Antonio Lagrutta, General Manager.

Italian Food Week is in partnership with the Italian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates and the Italian Food Academy.

Each year, The Italian Cuisine Academy selects Italian restaurants that will offer their customers, in addition to the regular menu, a special dish or a menu inspired by the theme. The theme for this year’s edition is Conviviality, sustainability and innovation: the ingredients of Italian cuisine for the health of individuals and the protection of the planet.

One of the city’s most iconic Italian restaurants, Luigia has a captivated loyal community that frequents the foodie destination for its authentic cuisine offering and Italian hospitality.

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