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Recipe Swap: Tuna Salad Without Mayonnaise Inspired by Italian Cuisine | To eat

Like most Americans, I have fond childhood memories of tuna salad.

But like many people who are many years past childhood, I don’t eat much of it.

If I cross it, I usually enjoy it. But that’s not something I’m likely to do for myself.

There’s another type of tuna salad that appeals more to my adult taste buds and that I’m more likely to make at home. It’s good with regular supermarket brands of tuna – preferably solid white albacore. But it’s even better if you can find an Italian brand of tuna packed in good quality olive oil.

This recipe is modeled after the Italian Tuna Salad, which skips the mayonnaise in favor of a lemony vinaigrette. It’s filling because it mixes tuna with white beans. And it gets its flavor not only from lemon juice but also from capers. Fresh parsley and red onion also add a little to the party.

You can also replace it with Dijon mustard, fresh tomatoes, mint or basil and other variations.

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So if you’re looking for something light but hearty for your summer lunches, try the Tuna and White Bean Salad.

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