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Stanley Tucci Talks Italian Food, Culture, and More – SheKnows

We first fell in love with him when we saw him play iconic roles in movies like Devils wear Prada and Julia and Julia, but these days, you’re more likely to find Stanley Tucci whipping up his own corn chowder recipe than discouraging fresh-faced fashion assistants for a bowl in the cafeteria. In April 2020, Tucci showed us what a food and drink connoisseur he was when a video of him sharing how to make the perfect Negroni went viral. Now Tucci has become such a presence in the food world that he now hosts his own cooking show on CNN called Stanley Tucci: In Search of Italy where he travels across Italy to sample local cuisine and learn the story behind every delicious dish he tries.

Because Tucci has become such an expert on Italian cuisine and culture, he has teamed up with the famous Italian brand of sparkling mineral water, S. Pellegrino and we were lucky enough to sit down with him recently to talk about his new partnership, his favorite food, summer travel plans and he even shared the one dish he can cook better than anyone. Spoiler: it’s surprisingly simple!

Check out our full conversation with Stanley Tucci in the video above and be sure to check it out Stanley Tucci: In Search of Italy, now available to stream on Hulu.