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The Italian government will hire more than 22,000 temporary workers to help implement the recovery plan

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s government plans to temporarily hire more than 22,000 public administration workers to help implement Italy’s five-year recovery plan, according to a draft decree seen by Reuters.

Italy is eligible for more than 200 billion euros ($242.20 billion) in grants and cheap loans from the EU Recovery Fund, making it the biggest beneficiary of the €750 prize pool. billion set up to help the 27 countries in the bloc recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The decree which must be approved by the cabinet on Friday is part of a wider package of measures and reforms promised to the European Commission to obtain a first tranche of 25 billion euros by the end of August.

Italy curbed its public sector employment for many years by freezing turnover, in a bid to reduce spending and debt. Comparative data from Eurostat showed that at the end of 2018, some 13% of Italian workers were employed by the government, compared to an EU average of 16%.

The vast majority of hiring will go to the justice sector. Speeding up Italy’s notoriously slow court proceedings is one of the priority areas of reform promised to the EU.

According to the plan, some 16,500 civil servants will be hired into “trial offices”, which aim to speed up court proceedings by providing judges with qualified support staff. The contracts have a maximum duration of two years and nine months.

According to the plan, an additional 5,410 people will be deployed to other parts of the justice system.

In order to help the Treasury to follow the evolution of the Italian investment plan, 500 temporary agents are to be assigned to the State accounting office.

The governance of Italy’s recovery and resilience plan will be led by Draghi and key ministers, while the economy ministry is tasked with drawing attention to any problems in the progress of investments.