Italy tourism

Tourism receipts in Italy will reach 17 billion euros this summer, mainly driven by American tourists

A study published by the association of retailers Comfcommercio has revealed that tourism revenues in Italy are expected to reach 17 billion euros in revenue this summer.

The report also shows that the main drivers of the recovery are Americans, with 2.2 million American visitors expected to bring in 2.1 billion euros between July and September, 20% more than in the same period of 2019, reports.

According to the report, Canadians, Australians and South Africans make up a significant portion of this year’s visitors.

Italy’s domestic tourism has also increased, with 35 million Italians traveling on holiday in their country, despite a cost of living crisis caused by rising inflation and exacerbated by the war in Ukraine.

Previously, Italian authorities have revealed that nearly 13 million Italians will travel on June 2 for National and Republic Daymost of whom, 87.4% in total, choose to stay in Italy.

The same source also indicated that seaside resorts will be among the most preferred destinations, with 44.5%, while 21.3% will choose art cities, large and small.

In addition, the number of tourists coming to Italy from Asian countries is decreasing. At the same time, EU sanctions imposed following the Russian invasion of Ukraine have seen Russian tourism drop to near zero.

In this regard, Germany, a key source of tourism, especially in southern Italy, also fell by 27% in July compared to 2019 – a drop caused by the disruption of air transport.

Figures from Italy’s national statistics agency Istat show that in a typical year most Italian tourists, 14.1%, come from Germany. Meanwhile, around three percent come from the United States and another three percent from the United Kingdom.

“The return of foreign tourism after three years is helping to consolidate our economic recovery. The outlook, however, is uncertain due to lower consumption, air travel unrest and the unknown pandemic,” also noted the president of Confcommercio Carlo Sangalli.

According to analysis by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), Italy’s travel and tourism sector is estimated to significantly boost the country’s economic recovery, reaching pre-pandemic levels next year. , only 0.3% below 2019 levels.

In addition, WTTC’s latest Economic Impact Report (EIR) revealed that the sector’s contribution to GDP next year could reach over €194 billion.